Amataya Wellness, a health treatment and rejuvenation center using the wonder of the salt hot spring to heal patients with various ailments

As good health is what everyone desires, Amataya Wellness, a health treatment and rehabilitation center using the wonder of the natural salt hot spring, offers a complete range of healthcare services where you can regain your original state of health, backed by the ideal combination of modern medical treatment and highly advanced technology supervised by teams of medical specialists and health experts.

Amataya Wellness, is a wondrous place of comprehensive healthcare and treatment services that you must visit

Where miracles become reality, patients’ health can be improved to quickly return to full recovery. Amataya Wellness is ready to offer you the most impressive healthcare and treatment experiences, particularly in balancing and restoring your body from various conditions, while strengthening your immune system and reducing the risk of long-term diseases. Experience the most peaceful nature in the best relaxing resort-style atmosphere, Amataya Wellness is welcoming everyone to enjoy a healthier life together.
  • Cardiovascular system: Cardiovascular diseases and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs) require proper care in weight control and psychological interventions by using salt hot baths to stimulate metabolism, combined with traditional Thai knowledge on elemental diets, hot steam, massages, hot compresses, and breath training exercises.
  • Nervous system: Neurological diseases require rehabilitation of the body and mind, along with physical therapy and bathing in salt hot springs to stimulate circulation, metabolism, and sensory perception, combined with traditional Thai knowledge of massages, hot compresses, and stem cell therapy to restore damaged nerves.
  • Musculoskeletal system: Musculoskeletal diseases can benefit from the unique properties of salt hot springs, which contain very high levels of chloride (9,579 mg/l) and thus can be helpful in arthritis, joint pain, and the peripheral nervous system.
  • Hematology & Immunology: Psoriasis can benefit from the use of salt hot springs to reduce skin irritation, which can be combined with traditional Thai knowledge of elemental diets, herbal compresses, and methods to balance the body.
  • Skin: Bathing in salt hot springs is healthy for the skin. Sulfates in these hot springs will help strengthen hair and bones and reduce inflammation of the skin, which can be combined with the knowledge of traditional Thai food diets through elements, hot steam, massages, and herbal compresses.

What types of comprehensive healthcare services can Amataya Wellness offer?

To seek the best and most effective healthcare and treatment approaches in your own way, Amataya Wellness provides comprehensive health treatment and rehabilitation services consisting of three major parts as follows :
  1. Amataya Rehabilitation Hospital: State-of-the-art technology based on scientifically accurate and proven principles in combination with the wonders of mineral properties and the most optimal salt hot spring temperature in the world. This will help to restore the health of patients in various disease states whether this includes stroke, cardiovascular disease, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), neurodegenerative diseases, musculoskeletal symptoms, and psoriasis, along with effective skincare guidelines designed to specifically treat you.
  2. Amataya Holistic Medical Treatment: Experience superior care both in traditional Thai massage to prevent stroke (Stroke Preventative Traditional Massage), private salt hot spring services, and luxury spa treatments, all of which with the wonders of the only salt hot spring in the world. This will allow you to balance your body, and strengthen the immune system to reduce the risk of long-term disease, while also helping to restore healthy skin. You will be able to find the right way to take care of your health in your own way, which will allow you to become more familiar with your health and find that nothing is more valuable than having good health.
  3. Amataya Residence: The perfect getaway with premium wellness services that you can take control of at Amataya Residence. These come with a design that incorporates living with nature and a backyard area with salt hot springs to help restore your health every day, along with other complete health care services, exclusive to residents of the project, which includes only 45 residential units.