Because good health is what everyone desires. Amataya Wellness, a kingdom of health healing and rehabilitation, comes with comprehensive health care services, which consists of Amataya Rehabilitation Hospital, Amataya Holistic Medical Treatment, and Amataya Residence, all with the wonders of an underground wealth which created natural salt hot springs. It has been said for hundreds of years that these salt hot springs are the only in the world with a unique mineral profile, while also offering the perfect temperature. From belief to proven results, Amataya Wellness is ready for you to experience superior care in rehabilitation for various diseases and restoring the balance in your body to help strengthen immunity and reduce the risk of long-term diseases. All of this will allow you to find the right way to take care of your health in your own way and will make you believe that miracles can happen at Amataya Wellness.


Creating a center for rehabilitation by applying the science of both Eastern and Western medicine to design, create and balance the body together with the use of salt hot springs, as well as establishing a residential community for people who love health and in response, becoming a leading center of health.


We aim to establish a health and wellness community that combines essential healing benefits derived from Klongtom Salt Hot Spring, backed by the most peaceful and relaxing natural atmosphere to create balance in life and well-being for health lovers.
นายแพทย์นพดล นพคุณ
นายแพทย์จิโรจ สินธวานนท์
รศ.ดร.นพ.กำพล ศรีวัฒนกุล
นายแพทย์สมชัย เจียรนัยศิลป์


Essential minerals found in Klongtom Salt Hot SpringsHealth Benefitsmg/l
Temperature47 degrees Celsius
Sodium (Na)
(790 mg/l)
Helps to relieve joint pain.5,375
Potassium (K)
(90 mg/l)
Maintains normal heart rhythm, lowered blood pressure, eliminates waste in the body, and benefits the skin. 169
Magnesium (Mg)
(25 mg/l)
Maintains normal heart rhythm, helps to convert glucose into energy, and maintains muscle contractions and hormone levels. 250
Silica (Si)
(54 mg/l)
Strengthens bones, stimulates the immune system, strengthens nerves, hair membranes, and nails, and treats acne and migraines. 32
( HCO3 )
Aids in capillary and peripheral blood circulation. 229
Chloride (CI)
(180 mg/l)
Beneficial for muscles and high-salt content hot springs (0.5-3%) are beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis, joint pains, central nervous system diseases, and women. 9,579
Sulfate ( So4)
(1,400 mg/l)
Helps eliminate bodily waste, strengthens bones, hair, and spinal joints increase synovial fluids, helps to clear infections, and reduces inflammation. 929
Total Dissolved Solution (TDS)Refers to the total amount of minerals dissolved in water. Higher TDS indicates a greater concentration of minerals. 11,690
pHpH represents the concentration of hydrogen ions, acids, or bases in a solution. 7.2
Researched by Dr. Prakongsiri Boonkong, Scholar

Restore your body balance to reduce the risk of long-term diseases

Cardiovascular system: Cardiovascular diseases and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs) require proper care in weight control and psychological interventions by using salt hot baths to stimulate metabolism, combined with traditional Thai knowledge on elemental diets, hot steam, massages, hot compresses, and breath training exercises.

Nervous system: Neurological diseases require rehabilitation of the body and mind, along with physical therapy and bathing in salt hot springs to stimulate circulation, metabolism, and sensory perception, combined with traditional Thai knowledge of massage, hot compresses, and stem cell therapy to restore damaged nerves.

Musculoskeletal system: Musculoskeletal diseases can benefit from the unique properties of salt hot springs, which contain very high levels of chloride (9,579 mg/l) and thus can be helpful in arthritis, joint pain, and the peripheral nervous system.

Hematology & Immunology: Psoriasis can benefit from the use of salt hot springs to reduce skin irritation, which can be combined with traditional Thai knowledge of elemental diets, herbal compresses, and methods to balance the body.

Skin: Bathing in salt hot springs is healthy for the skin. Sulfates in these hot springs will help strengthen hair, and bones and reduce inflammation of the skin, which can be combined with the knowledge of traditional Thai food diets through elements, hot steam, massages, and herbal compresses.